A Gift in the Dark

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That's the truth. I love the mystery of not knowing when if?


There is an excitement in unexpected days: snow days, big storms, no lights. Just Monday, our family received a wonderful package from our friend Rachel in Oregon, and of course I was enthralled by the teeny LED flashlights, immediately tucking them in a safe place, one per child, for the next power-out. Oh, they're on the spice rack. In case I forget.

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Students - here's a secret about writing. Sometimes you might want to write a poem or a story, and you might not exactly remember a particular detail.

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This is ok. You can make it work by asking, "What probably happened?

The Dark Gift atastrusarac.ga

And while the spirit of this poem is true, the facts are not all true. When my daughter Georgia read these words, she said, "We never really lost power for a week," and she's right.

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But our friends did, and they came to stay with us. I wanted that week-loss to be in my poem, so I put it there. You are the boss of your own poem.

Isn't that the best? Today is The National Day on Writing. Consider heading over to NCTE to add some of your writing or some children's writing to the galleries.

I cannot wait to see the "inspiration piece" my partner Amy! I have already sent her mine - it was yesterday's poem, "Everynight Everywhere". When Amy and I have both responded to our "inspiration pieces", I hope to share our response pieces here. They depend on the weight and destination of the order excluding current promotional offers. An assorted chocolate box created by La Maison du Chocolat is perfectly suited as a gift for a party or special occasions. Find out more about our dark chocolate gift baskets! A dark chocolate hatbox assortment is the perfect accompaniment for a party invitation!

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A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark
A Gift in the Dark A Gift in the Dark

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