Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies

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In the movie, Stallone runs a firm that determines the security of prisons by trying to break out of them. He is hired to take on a secret CIA prison in an unknown location and things go somewhat awry. While in lockup, he meets Schwarzenegger's Emil Rottmayer in one of the actor's less-beastly roles.

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He's bigger than most folks his age 65 when it was filmed , but this is Schwarzenegger doing action without the same level of muscle mass he had in his youth. That being said, he still kicks the appropriate amount of butt in the film, but doesn't reach his earlier levels of strength.

Collateral Damage was released shortly before Arnold Schwarzenegger entered into political office as the 38th Governor of California. It turns out a Colombian drug cartel was responsible for the bombing and after failing to get the U.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Special Edition)

Essentially, this is the story of a regular guy who has to go to war with a group of evildoers who destroyed his family. Fortunately, Schwarzenegger is more than capable of battling the bad guys with the help of a CIA operative, but in the end, it's his brutal strength and an axe After stumbling into an assassination attempt, he ends up getting thrown into a religious conflict of apocalyptic proportions.

He was pretty buff in the flick, but not particularly "beast" in any way This was a few years after scientists successfully cloned a sheep they named Dolly, which meant that movies and television series worked around that sort of dystopian plotline for a little while.

In the flick, Schwarzenegger is a pilot with some prior military training and he doesn't take being cloned without his permission particularly well. He gets into some serious combat situations with the bad guys who keep on coming thanks to being recreated every time they are taken out. He may have worn a sport jacket through most of the movie, but he was ripped back int he 80s.

Add in a scene where he is just getting out of the shower alongside the prying eyes of Kelly Preston and Schwarzenegger's size is pretty impressive. There were even a few points in the game where his beast-mode was on display. There was a scene where a guy tried to steal his briefcase while riding by on a motorcycle and he isn't even shifted off his feet. Other instances have him clotheslining bad guys and pretty much standing around like a granite statue carved long ago in ancient Rome.

You might not think of Schwarzenegger being in beast mode in a film about him playing a kindergarten teacher, but that was just a cover. This movie features the former bodybuilder as a detective working to find the one woman who could help him put away his arch-nemesis for good. When he shows up to find the woman, he takes on the role of a kindergarten teacher and hilarity ensues around the fact that a gigantic, muscle-bound behemoth was there to teach children.

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For a Schwarzenegger film, there wasn't a great deal of action going on. When action did come about, it was more suspenseful given the threats made towards the children in the film. Despite this, Schwarzenegger put his muscles to task as a shield to protect the innocent and uphold the law. Eraser was one of Schwarzenegger's movies that did relatively well at the box office, but isn't as well known as some of his other movies. The film starred the man in question as a U. He was known as an Eraser due to his ability to make high-profile witnesses disappear via faking their passing and giving them new identities.

Unfortunately, a mole within the organization mucks things up for Marshal Kruger and he gets involved in countering an arms deal with new EM rifles. The weapons could fire bullets electromagnetically at supersonic speeds and Arnold got his hands on two of them. He proceeds through a group of bad guys with the weapons looking more beastly than he had in years.

Raw Deal was another film featuring Schwarzenegger as a law enforcement officer, but this one had a twist. He played Mark Kaminsky, a former FBI agent-turned small-town sheriff who was forced to leave the agency after beating a suspect accused of sexual assault. Eventually, the man who prosecuted him out of the agency called him back to service to take care of the Mob in Chicago and the presence of an agency mole. He goes into the organization and gets in deep when the mole is revealed to be the man who sent him in on the unsanctioned assignment.

The slaughter that ensues is one of the biggest in Schwarzenegger's filmography. This was a true '80s action flick with a ripped and angry version of Arnold who goes in, takes everyone out and gets his revenge. Red Heat capitalized on the ever-present tension of the situation with a buddy cop film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi. Both men find themselves working on the same case involving a dangerous Soviet Georgian drug kingpin who happens to be the former partner of Schwarzenegger's character, Militia Captain Ivan Danko.

Arnold may be from Austria, but he managed to pull off a convincing Soviet police officer in this classic. Interestingly, this was the first American film allowed to film in Moscow's Red Square. Most of the film was shot in Hungary, but some of the shots took place in Russia, which was a big step for an American production. Jingle All the Way is a kid's movie that revolves around the main character trying to find the hottest toy for Christmas on Christmas Eve.

As any parent knows, that's not possible Arnold plays a convincing absent father who continuously misses his kid's big events so there was no way he would drop the ball on getting his kid a Turbo-Man action figure. He goes toe-to-toe with Sinbad and tears up the city with an extended fight with a bunch of Santas. In the end, Schwarzenegger snags a superhero suit and steps into the role of Turbo-Man! By the time the second film hit theaters, he was out of office and back in front of the camera as an action star and he remained for the sequel.

He wasn't particularly strong or anything in the first film, but he stood up for the second and kicked some butt.

Let's Talk About How Hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger's Movies Actually Are

The fourth film will see the return of Schwarzenegger in his role, but his level of participation remains unknown at the moment. While the character was poorly made and required Arnold to utter more cheesy one-liners in this one film than he uttered his whole career, it stands up as a performance by the guy and deserves a ranking.

In most versions of Mr. Freeze, the character is a tall, skinny man with little to no muscle tone. And for good reason. The only highlight is an Arnie montage….. A great actor. Why would you make this? It makes no sense.

The 10 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies, Including Terminator, Total Recall And More

The plot does establish that they are scientists, but why is this something that they have been researching? What purpose was there to their research?

Are they being paid to research the viability of male insemination? Then why are they bothering to look into it? Just for the challenge? The thrill of science? A very easy film to hate. This was a time where Arnie was at the height of his powers. This is after Terminator, Conan and Commando. But not many people have seen it. The studio chose to rely on his star power rather than a substantial plot, script, or anything with substance.

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That tells you all you need to know. This is a bad movie.

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Definitely a product of its time. The trailer makes the movie look better than it is. This is a silly film. It wants to be silly.

And not getting it right. Poor Arnie. He has one good joke and they recycle it a few times.

The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

He plays a character called Handsome Stranger. Also starring Kirk Douglas, the central character, and main antagonist to the plot. Kirk Douglas keeps trying to confront them, but he is rarely noticed, as each plan cartoonishly fails. Possibly the reason Arnie likes doing comedies.

Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies
Arnold: Schwarzenegger and the Movies

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