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A light breeze breathes life into a red and yellow flag bearing the winged lion of St Mark.

All her little secrets --Gacha Life-- episode 7

Beneath a bronze Bartolomeo Colleoni, gondolas float to and fro. An accordionist with a handle-bar moustach pulls and puffs his mellifluous music into the air. Pigeons strut, coffee wafts, church bells toll.

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Tumultuous tranquillity. The basilica opposite houses the tombs of 25 Venetian doges, rulers of the republic from — Suitably, our hideaway for the weekend is a converted 16th-century palace. After a half-hour water taxi from Marco Polo airport, Palazzo Volpi is less than a five-minute walk from the Ospedale ferry terminal.

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In the previous century, the property housed the embassy of the Brescia republic; in the century after, the consulate of Argentina. The pair reopened the premises as a swanky three-suite hotel in January Go there for nourishing breakfasts and coffee al banco at the bar. Behind a hefty, high-tech security door, a serene, scented vault of soothing creams and tasteful furnishings awaits.

It is easy to see why.

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A curving staircase leads up to the three expansive apartments. The largest is a three-bedroom duplex for up to five guests. A lower-ground-floor, super-spec kitchen — complete with sparkling water on tap — leads out to a beautiful, tree-lined, terracotta and red-brick courtyard. The two other suites are sprawling one-bedroom apartments with living rooms and kitchens.

All come with daily maid service. A private chef can also be arranged. Mirrors, lots of them, some disguising TVs, reflect a colour palette of salmon, pink and taupe. Living rooms feature custom-made cotton-linen sofas and silk-velvet chairs. Rugs are from India; glass from France. Bedrooms sport four-poster beds. Light-washed wooden beams are a running theme, as is white marble flooring.

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Everything is available to order. Chic, chic, chic.

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How sinful depends on your confessor. The result is that gay clergy are officially innocent until guilty but in gossip guilty until proven innocent — which of course they never quite can be. Most of the men cited were identified only by their initials, and the sender himself hoped to remain anonymous. But with patience and the help of friends, I worked out who all the initials belonged to and tracked the author to his cathedral.

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He denied everything and expressed surprise that a reputable newspaper should be interested in such gossip. I will not easily forget his smirk as he said this. In this place of make-believe, guilt and constant innuendo the prelates live in a tension between the dreadful fear of being outed and the loneliness of not being recognised for who and what they are. So they out each other instead, compulsively.

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Elsewhere in Europe there are fewer gay sex workers on the streets, he says, but in Rome they still thrive, in part because of the concentration of priests, who seek out migrants for the anonymity their encounters offer. The sex workers tell him that their priestly clientele divide into two classes: the lordly ones, who treat them like dirt and pay very badly, and the younger ones, tortured by tenderness, who fall in love with them and are carefully cultivated for their money.

That this is all predicated on lies and denial is in part because the Vatican is a gerontocracy, still run by men who grew up when the priesthood was almost the only career open to a homosexual youth in Europe or the US and priestly celibacy offered a sanctified escape from what would otherwise have been a crippling shame. But the price of this compromise was paid in uncountable twisted lives.

Frederics Little Secret Frederics Little Secret
Frederics Little Secret Frederics Little Secret
Frederics Little Secret Frederics Little Secret
Frederics Little Secret Frederics Little Secret
Frederics Little Secret Frederics Little Secret

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