How Laughter Can Change Your Life

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Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke

However, there are other things you can do to increase the length of your life. A perfect example would be laughing more.

A Better Immune System. Nobody likes being sick. The stronger your immune system is, the less likely it becomes that you will get sick. Natural Pain Relief.

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If you deal with constant pain and dread the idea of having to take pain killers, laughter is here to help. Laughter works wonders when it comes to pain relief due to the chemicals that are naturally released during a good laugh. Believe it or not, this method of pain relief is so effective that doctors have begun using laughter as a form of alternative pain management therapy. A Great Treatment For Depression. A depressed life is hardly a life at all. The effects of laughing are only beneficial.

Humans, in their own complexity, can actually be quite simple when it comes to laughter. The happier they are, the more positive reactions their body will have, such as laughing. Studies reveal the happiness circle involved in laughter: the more people laugh, the more people engage in social laughter. Our instinctive reaction from seeing someone laughing is often a smile, and calm — embracing the moment. If, when you are happy, you laugh, the reverse theory works too; so laugh more for more happiness. Humans are victims of their own existence and conscience, and therefore do have moments of doubt, stress, fear or pain.

These often negative emotions may even sometimes lead to depression. We may not control mental health, and all the negative stress that is imposed upon each one of us every day. We do, however, control how to deal with them.

Keeping a Laughter Journal Changed My Life—and Here’s How It Can Change Yours

Practicing laughter regularly, stimulating your sense of humour, will not only keep your mind focused on something positive for you, but also relax your body from unwanted tension. It seems that Provine was onto something: smiling and laughter are instinctual survival tools for humans that can help us thrive in our environment.

Take the time to laugh every day. What a great point!

Laughter Journal: How It Changed My Outlook | The Healthy

Can you imagine trying to make in that business? It must be very hard -- but at least they are having fun. HI Dani, Loved this post And adding laughter in our lives is truly the best contribution you can make to your life and to that of others. Laughter does heal!!! Much Love, Zeenat!

Lori - I agree that it must be really hard to try to make it as a comedian, which is why it's a really awesome thing to support them when we can. Zeenat - Laughter really does make the world a better place. I'm so glad you loved the post and the quotes! Posted by: positively present April 07, at PM. These are great tips!!

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When I'm feeling stressful or I feel like I'm taking life too seriously, I have a certain movie that's I'll pop in that makes me feel good and makes me laugh. And it never fails to make me feel better. Laughing is indeed the best medicine!! Posted by: Lauren April 07, at PM. I hope you're having a better week this week, Dani. Thank you for sharing with us how laughter helped you through some of it. G and I also had a tough week last week, a lot of really crazy things going on.

But we were lucky to still have moments of rich, deep laughter in the midst of it, and I know these moments helped. As I mentioned on Zeenat's blog today, we also had a hysterical night Sunday night with friends, singing karaoke in our home. We laughed till we cried. What good medicine! However, you can't say, "we realized that there are different types of laughter and different occasions when laughter is appropriate one of which, I've learned, is not in the front row of a church " without elaborating. It's great to hear that laughter helped you get through a rough week.

I hope this week has been better! Jarrod - Thanks! I'm glad you liked the tips. Putting in a funny movie when you're having a rough time is sure to cheer you up, which is why it's one of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling down. Lauren - Laughter definitely has the power to make even the worst situations just a bit better. Thanks for your comment! Chania Girl - Thank you! Things are definitely starting to look up. It sounds like laughter has helped you through some tough times recently too. Karaoke is a great way to get some comic relief in your life! Gayze - Your comment put a smile on my face -- and made me laugh!

Greg - It definitely did. Cliche as it might sound, it really is one of the best medicines out there.

Act 1- finding laughter: dealing with ups and downs of life

This week has definitely been better! Hey Dani, Rough weeks aren't all that fun Laughter really is a sweet medicine!! Posted by: Lance April 07, at PM. I enjoyed your post and suggestions for adding more humor into our lives. As I've shared on my blog, I chose "laughter" as my word for the year. Oh, and don't tell anyone else that I chose two additional words for the year, too ; So your tips will come in handy as I approach this year I've actually visualized myself laughing and, in the process, started laughing.

I actually get a light, peaceful feeling in my chest when I do this. Thanks again! Posted by: Tim April 07, at PM.

How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life
How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life
How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life
How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life
How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life
How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life
How Laughter Can Change Your Life How Laughter Can Change Your Life

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