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Horse betting for beginners

Some horses perform better on certain ground meaning this is something you should definitely consider when placing your horse racing bets. Before placing any wagers, I recommend you check the going of the racecourse. You can often find this information within the racecard at a bookmaker.

Tips to win horse racing bets

Another important aspect to consider when researching your horse racing bets is the distance of the race. Similar to the going, some horses are built for sprints whereas others have better stamina and perform better in longer races. The shortest races are 5f furlongs and the longest is up to 4m4f the m stands for miles. Anything can happen in a horse race and this is especially true when there are jumps involved. Races such as The Grand National are notoriously harder to pick winners on.

This means that odds-on favourites are not always going to win. Another key horse racing betting tip is to stick to larger events where the majority of punters place their bets. For starters, you can often find great value odds on more popular markets. The bookies are always looking to promote their latest offers and they generally do so during large horse racing events. This gives you more opportunity to place winning horse racing bets.

Smaller, less popular events are still a great option here and there but in general stick to more popular events like Cheltenham, the Grand National or Royal Ascot. Next up in our list of tips to win horse racing bets, I recommend you always keep track of information surrounding your bets. Using this technique has helped hundreds of bettors to increase their earnings in the long run.

This puts you ahead when looking back at your betting history and working out which bets were successful and which were not so. Another piece of advice that one of our users suggested is to write down the reason you placed each bet. This can lead to more successful bets in the future. Another betting option that you may want to consider is using betting exchanges to place lay bets on horse races.

This adds an extra layer of flexibility to your betting strategy that many punters take advantage of. You can only place these bets at betting exchanges. There are a number of different betting exchanges out there but my favourite exchange platform is Smarkets.

Understanding horse racing terminology

You can read our complete Smarkets review here, for more information. As with any bettor, I understand you want to place winning horse racing bets as often as possible. Charles is the founder of The Sure Bettor. He built the company with the aim of 'getting the word out' about matched betting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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No menu assigned! Top tips to win horse racing bets in — Horse racing strategies By Charles September 11, Betting. The distance Another important aspect to consider when researching your horse racing bets is the distance of the race. Look beyond the favourite Our next tip to win horse racing bets is to look beyond the favourite.

Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Jockeys who win at a clip of percent are worth a second look, but jockeys who win at a clip of 20 percent or better can be like money in the bank in the right situation. Jockeys who win a high percentage of the races they ride in not only have their choice of the best mounts, they also generally have skill sets that are much better than their fellow riders. A 12 percent jockey usually receives less talented mounts, but there is more to it than that.

Occasionally these low percentage jockeys will get the best mounts, but they almost always find a way to screw things up. Can they win? Sure, but not often enough to make them part of a profitable strategy. While a top percentage jockey often has a chance to win regardless of the odds, the horses you want to watch for them on are those among the top three public choices. You can then look at the trainer percentages and the jockey-trainer combo percentages to see if these numbers improve the odds even further in your favor.

These trainers win at a 20 percent clip for numerous reasons brains, talent, the ability to attract the best jockeys, medication and numerous other factors but they win consistently more races then their competition. Partnered with a top jockey and a top-three betting choice, high percentage trainers can win at an even better rate. In contrast, a horse trained by a trainer with a 4 percent win clip would have to be considered a poor betting proposition no matter who the jockey is or what the odds are.

The next statistic to look at is the jockey-trainer combo percentage. Found in the Past Performances on the bottom right under the racing lines, this statistic tells you how many times over the course of the year and at the current meeting, that this jockey and trainer have hooked up, and what their win percentage is when working together.

The top trainer-jockey combos have excellent percentages and almost always indicate the trainer is trying their best to win. If the jockey-trainer combo win percentage is good, the third element of the percentage puzzle is complete. The final statistics you want to look at are the basic trainer patterns found on the lower left bottom of the Past Performances underneath the racing lines.

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So find the top three public choices on the tote board preferably the top two then look at the percentages. If the percentages are good all around, bet the horse to win and place. Bet twice as much to place as to win, just in case a long shot happens to beat the percentages and win which will usually result in a good enough place pay off to make you a profit. But you have to wait for the perfect opportunity if you want to win long term.

How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing
How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing
How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing
How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing
How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing
How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing
How To Win At Horse Racing How To Win At Horse Racing

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