Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)

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Lasciatemi in pace! Leave me alone! The real reason for this Cd is that, almost by chance and in a hurry, as well, I was in my friend Roberto Vigo's studio to record one song only, Perdado by Tito Fontana, to be included in a memorial concert that takes place every year, around the date of his premature passing, celebrating our dear Tito.

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Unfortunately when his daughter Cinzia called me to inform me of the exact date I was already unavailable, but I had the idea to record one tune to then be played in the theatre, almost as though I was actually there that evening. As soon as I arrived at the studio l immediately felt a particular affinity for the piano, a magnificent Yamaha C7, and I started recording. A few minutes went by and I had the take I wanted. It was done.

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I only had to get the CD with Tito's song and send it to Cinzia. But something kept me at the piano. I played freely everything that was going through my head for a good half hour, slowly coming to the realization that I could have a whole solo, piano CD. A couple of weeks later I went back to record other pieces, standards and original compositions, some of the latter being born right there in the studio.

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I felt as though I had released the words from myself. The first appearance of her work in English was the publication of a short story entitled "Delia's Elevator," translated by Adria Frizzi in the anthology After the War Despite being recognized as a novelist on an international scale, [11] Ferrante has kept her identity secret since the publication of her first novel in In , Ferrante published La Frantumaglia , a volume of letters, essays, reflections and interviews, translated into English in , which sheds some light on her background.

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In a article for The New Yorker , critic James Wood summarized what is generally accepted about Ferrante, based in part on letters collected in that volume:. From them, we learn that she grew up in Naples , and has lived for periods outside Italy.

She has a classics degree; she has referred to being a mother. One could also infer from her fiction and from her interviews that she is not now married In addition to writing, "I study, I translate, I teach. In March , Marco Santagata, an Italian novelist and philologist , a scholar of Petrarch and Dante , and a professor at the University of Pisa , [12] published a paper detailing his theory of Ferrante's identity.

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Santagata's paper drew on philological analysis of Ferrante's writing, close study of the details about the cityscape of Pisa described in the novel, and the fact that the author reveals an expert knowledge of modern Italian politics. Based on this information, he concluded that the author had lived in Pisa but left by , and therefore identified the probable author as Neapolitan professor Marcella Marmo, who studied in Pisa from to Both Marmo and the publisher deny Santagata's identification. Others, however, have suggested that knowledge of Ferrante's biography is indeed relevant. Indeed, the Winterson piece published by the Guardian says nothing else about Gatti.

In December , the controversial Italian prankster [19] Tommaso Debenedetti published on the website of the Spanish daily El Mundo a purported interview with Raja confirming she is Elena Ferrante; this was quickly denied by Ferrante's publisher, who called the interview a fake.

In September , a team of scholars, computer scientists, philologists and linguists at the University of Padua analyzed novels written in Italian by 40 different authors, including seven books by Elena Ferrante, but none by Raja. Based on analysis using several authorship attribution models, they concluded that Anita Raja's husband, author and journalist Domenico Starnone , is the probable author of the Ferrante novels.

Ferrante has repeatedly dismissed suggestions that she is actually a man, telling Vanity Fair in that questions about her gender are rooted in a presumed "weakness" of female writers. Two of Ferrante's novels have been turned into films. In her nonfiction book Fragments La frantumaglia , Ferrante speaks of her experiences as a writer. In , it was reported that a part television series, The Neapolitan Novels , was in the works, co-produced by the Italian producer Wildside for Fandango Productions, with screenwriting led by the writer Francesco Piccolo.

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Elena Ferrante pseudonym. See also: Neapolitan Novels. An Educated Guess Causes a Stir". New York Times. Retrieved 14 March Elena Ferrante's existential fiction ", Harper's Magazine , October Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved January 29, The New Republic. Retrieved 17 October The Paris Review.

Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)
Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)
Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)
Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)
Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)
Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)
Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition) Lasciatemi in pace! (Italian Edition)

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