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Why is quitting so hard?

Identify the reasons you have for quitting smoking. Then set your quit date.

Five Things That Help Smokers Quit : Psychology & Mental Health

Okay, so no-one likes homework — but quitting smoking is a lot easier when you know your stuff! Being aware of the facts is going to help you quit. You can find out more about nicotine addiction and its consequences at support groups, or on websites such as the American Lung Association and smokefree. Reading about your own chance of contracting lung cancer or heart disease is likely to be a motivator!

As well as health risks, you can learn about quit-smoking strategies, nicotine replacement products and how other peoples have managed to stop smoking. I was amazed by how much you can save from quitting!

Tools & Tips

Nicotine cravings are your enemy. They are what causes withdrawal symptoms, which means they are sat directly between you and your goal of becoming a non-smoker. The chemical dependence that builds up when we smoke is the reason going cold turkey is so hard. Nicotine addiction is a weird beast. You associate nicotine with another experience, meaning when you have that experience you crave a cigarette. Your heart rate returns to normal just twenty minutes after your last and yep, we mean last! After seventy-two hours, deep breathing becomes easier.

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Whatever sport or workout to pick, remember the key thing is that you enjoy it! Find something which works for you! Even smokers who only indulge a few times a week are at much higher risk of heart attacks. Exercising reduces that risk. I mentioned in step one that you should write your plan down in physical form.

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In step three, I said that you could consider setting a date with your loved one, using the money you save. These are ways of helping you make your goals into physical, tangible things. Finding a buddy to quit with will create accountability and motivate you. Get creative with it!

Grab a marker and write something motivational on your pack of nicotine gum. Make a big, bold list of reasons you want to quit and place it where you usually smoke. I always think that a visual goal is already a more achievable goal. It takes seconds — write them down! However cognitive behavioral therapy is another helpful thing to try. It involves changing your thought patterns.

One goal of behavioral therapy is to change this. You could even consider how hypnotherapy will help. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Quitting smoking is about changing your behavior and learning to manage craving and withdrawal symptoms in the short-term, and making long term life style changes to support your continued success. Try these tips. Cinciripini, Ph.

Stop Smoking | American Lung Association

Few people quit for good on their first try. Get all of the support you can. You can get free counseling by calling one of these free quit lines or website:. Using both counseling and medication is the recommended strategy.

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Your chances of success double when you do both. For some, smoking has a strong social component. Instead of going out with fellow smokers, invite your friends to do a healthy activity like running or taking a yoga class. When you first quit smoking, you may spend a lot of time thinking about it. So, it helps to create positive distractions. Try thinking of one new thing to do every day to help keep your mind off smoking. Read books that interest you, watch your favorite shows and try new hobbies that can distract you.

Before quitting, identify the moods or situations that lead you to smoke. If you smoke because you like to chew on something you may be able to get your fix by drinking water or using lozenges. Focus instead on short-term goals. Try telling yourself to just make it through the day without a cigarette. Pretty soon, one day without a cigarette will become two days without a cigarette.

How to quit smoking

Buy yourself a present or celebrate with those around you. And remember that the health benefits start right away.

Some begin as soon as 20 minutes after you quit smoking, and eventually your health can return to that of a non-smoker. Visit our archive to learn more about the healthy lifestyle choices that will help you reduce your cancer risk. My Chart. Donate Today.

For Physicians. Cancer Moonshots.

Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking Learn How to Quit Smoking
Learn How to Quit Smoking

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