Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)

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Zeng: hair Zong: courage; brave man, able to face any test Zouga: name given to the premiere of the binoculars See also: blog mimbang missi Thank you for completing Translated. It strongly recalls that physical borders have not been, for centuries, an obstacle for peoples today separated. In the heart of a equatorial Africa or with German, Spanish and French colonies, Jean-Robert etoh anda passes interchangeably from Cameroon to gabon and gabon in Cameroon because from a marriage that only responds to one logic: sharing The same culture.

It is in this cultural and historic environment that anda obame and nsn mekoulou melt their home in the early 20th century. Anda obame is a chief of land installed in ebolowa, a beti-Bulu-Fang land that still belongs to the germanic empire. N ' no mekoulou, she, is originally from minvoul, a small town located in the extreme north of gabon that will switch later in a German colony by the name of neu kamerun, logical extension of Cameroon.

Just a few kilometers walk in the heart of the forest to go from ebolowa to minvoul and from minvoul to ebolowa. Jean-Robert Etoh Anda is born at the end of this union, on December 6, Jean Robert Etoh makes his first steps in life in this locality of oveng. Then, at the rhythm of his parent s' travels, he is on the ancestral land of ebolowa. And at the end of the decade , Jean-Robert Etoh makes the painful experience of the life of the orphan. The successive and close disappearances of his father anda obame and his mother n ' no mekoulou mark him deeply.

He's going to get back to his maternal uncles. Around , the young etoh, after completing a first school cycle and busy a few positions in various German, English and French companies, decides to go back to his mother's family. We know it well, the maternal family and more precisely the "maternal uncles" have an obligation to benevolence with their nephews. Etoh probably has a conscience when he chooses to go find his mother's family and especially the brothers of this one has minvoul. Jr etoh is not going to stay long in this district of Northern Gabon.

He wants to escape from a love he believes impossible. Indeed, her maternal uncle who welcomed her has decided to marry her a much older woman. At the bottom, it's the minimum a nephew could have expected from his uncle. In addition, the man is not lacking in charm. To his little mustache is deputy a skin of great clarity. A complexion of "nigger of Egypt" that fires at red.

But he is not attracted to the idea of such a fast marriage that should set him in the maternal village. So he leaves minvoul and decides to join the capital. The walk to libreville lasts several weeks. He manages to integrate into the small commune. He's trying out many work positions. According to his experiences, he meets the future general boulingui koumba nazaire, originally from south gabon. They bond with a friendship that will cross the decades.


It is in that the police, as it will appear at the dawn of independence, is taking shape. There is a civil police made of men registered to support the order and a "police in outfit" made of men whose missions extend to the inquirie and preliminary surveys. But very few means are made available to this civil protection body. Dressed men are not better trained. They're just dressed.

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By themselves. Etoh who has seen a few years before in Cameroon knows the respect that a policeman can enjoy in a suit.

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He has the opportunity to get military outfits. This is his friend nazaire boulingui who is in a better maintained and equipped body, which gives him some of his military clothes. But what makes etoh a different "policeman" is the fact that he is in this time the first of his body to be literate. In a time when the brightest are moving towards teaching, health or priesthood, very few think of the police who still have bad reputation, accused of being an instrument of enslavement and colonial domination on indigenous populations.

It is especially from that the first police contests are taking place and that brazzaville will form for the need of the colonies of the aef the large number of police officers and gendarmes and He's coming out major of his promotion. But etoh has already taken a step ahead. His literary status is worth the respect of his colleagues and his hierarchy but also that of the populations of libreville then of port-gentil where he is affected later.

Despite a salary of misery that revolt more than a policeman during the decade , etoh remains worthy.

But it is solidarity and thus in the famous union of police officers created in and that Jean-Jacques Delicate is the first to lead. In , police officers officially take the name of "Guardians of peace" and benefit from a uniform. Etoh, in the course of refresher courses, becomes in the first African police commander. A reward of the colonial authority that has observed it for more than twenty years. Mm vouillon and cabin, so commissioner of police, recommend Jean-Robert Etoh who fills his various tasks with enthusiasm and success.

At the same time, police officers quickly pass by more than sixty elements in to nearly in The Police stations are then erected in the cities of the interior.

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The first of them is port-kind where economic activity attracts the world. And also a few little offenders. In the country, there are very few banditry. A few fights that end very quickly at the sight of a man in uniform. But also very little burglary. The first size flight takes place in libreville in April where And to the number of crimes, nothing to report. In Port-Gentil, etoh, arrived in , brings back order and diligent surveys that quickly make conclusions. We must avoid making investors run away.

We must reassure the large white community and the gabonese and African middle class that do business, teach, cure and make the capital " economic " live ". In , Jean-Robert Etoh was 55 years old. The retreat surprises him in port-Gentil.

Nos Formations

It can now rest. After the police Jean-Robert Etoh has just spent four decades in gabon. Between Minvoul and libreville, passing by Port-Gentil, he served the administration and lived with the family.

He kept the link with his maternal family. He also founded his own family. She is the daughter of nguema ndong and of, a fang couple whose origins are located between bioko and cocobeach. She will become a diplomat. After his retirement, Jean-Robert Etoh chooses to go back to Cameroon in oveng where he saw the day.

But it is ahmadou ahidjo, from the same party as mbida who, through the political game, has acceded to the presidency. Etoh supports his policy. He is then elected without discontinuing to the National Assembly from to But politics is not everything. He creates great plantations in his region of oveng.

It grows the banana, especially on more than hectares of surface area and employs more than a hundred full-time workers over the years. How do he, the son of n ' no de minvoul and the spouse of onouveghe nguema de cocobeach can live far from gabon where he spent almost 40 years of his life between and ? He's coming back for long stays. It invests and practices aquaculture. From , a year after retiring from Parliament, etoh anda jean-Robert Returns Very regularly in libreville.

And it is then that he remains in that he finds death.

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He's 82 years old. He was buried a few days later in endonne in the locality of oveng, in South Cameroon, where he saw the day in Mackjoss, the "Baobab" that success has not left despite the time The morning wake-up of April 18, is one of the most painful for gabonese music lovers. On Social Networks, the charmer face of mackjoss makes the one. And then the message: Mackjoss is dead. Brutal death no doubt. Death is always brutal for those who see them leave.

But she is also when she dedicates the end of an era, a moment or a life. Like a monument that takes fire, like a family home that falls apart or as a neighborhood that is destroyed, the death of mackjoss has ended one of the most beautiful pages in the history of gabon and more precisely of its history cultural. What happened so that at 72 years old this icon of the music that has accumulated success over the decades leaves the world of the living as fast? But at the bottom, his fans and his concityens want to hold something else: a beautiful life of musician who has been able to make his contemporaries dance.

He also offered him the opportunity to express himself and open the door of fame. In this little libreville where ancient settlers and ancient colonized must now coexist as equal, the bar-Dancings are places of meetings and release.


And There, the wait is great for the old colonized who are now hoping to dance to the rhythm of a modern music composed by Africans and in local languages. In Gabon, a few tracks have been explored. Hilarion Nguema has already given the proof of his talent. When mboumba mackaya adventure in the universe of music, he feeds on passion and dream. The Passion of music and the dream of making your contemporaries dance.

Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition) Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)
Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition) Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)
Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition) Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)
Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition) Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)
Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition) Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)
Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition) Les bibliothèques congolaises : état des lieux (French Edition)

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