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Ensuring I balance this priority with my own self-care, well-being and fitness at this time is an important goal. Like walking, swimming is a meditative practice and swimming in the sea adds other dimensions of weather conditions, sea creatures and a natural underwater world to explore as you exercise. And you can develop resilience in managing the not-so-perfect conditions as well.

Each day is different but you can adjust, mixing up the strokes so that you can manage the environment. When it gets choppy, breaststroke is a gentler way to ride the waves. If you need to get through some challenging currents, you might need to switch to freestyle and stroke more strongly, digging deeper. That ability to mix up your responses, dialling up and down, emphasising and de-emphasising helps you stay the distance.

You can modulate your stroke, powering up and powering down, depending on the conditions. That way you can still make headway without losing too much energy in the process. But you can stop and sort the issues out, then restart, breathing deeply and rhythmically.

The Victory of Struggle: Life Lessons from a Sea Turtle

It seems that deep, rhythmic breathing is potentially the best and simplest way to tackle most situations that are troubling. You set out all positive but sometimes your equipment lets you down. A leaky swim mask can be so frustrating and you have to keep stopping. You learn from others and from experience and the days you get all the equipment right, you swim so much better and so much more comfortably.

When we learn the vocabulary of any topic — insects, dinosaurs, solar systems, or bath towels, for example — we transcend time, space, and form, and we get to experience particular realms through the specificity of language. The names of things are the keys that unlock such raptures. It helps me really look at the fish and the other creatures carefully. Once I would never go beyond my depths in water because of a fear of things, like, well, deep water. But I was missing out on so much and the fear was out of proportion to the risk.

Now I swim in deep water and I swim with tiny baby Port Jackson sharks sitting on the bottom of the sand. Even though swimming is mostly a solitary activity, I swim with a group. We share experiences and tips and laugh together about how crazy we are to swim in winter. It makes it so much easier and more enjoyable and I learn from them.

Finding ways to form groups around independent working, creativity or exercising is so valuable and will help keep us going for the long haul. And sometimes it gets all so interesting looking at everything under the water, you lose your direction. Over time, you get better at navigating via the tracks in the sand and keeping your line.

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We start and end our swim near a reef with beautiful fish. Most days you can see hundreds of fish of so many different varieties. You can swim through them and above them — tiny silver fleeting fish, black and white and yellow magpie morwongs, little bright blue fish, zebra striped ones. To start and end the swim this way is a kind of meditative asana, like the beginning and close of a yoga class.

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The body begins to exercise, the mind begins to still, and then comes to rest at the end as you climb out of the water feeling like a different being. Just as you coalesce thoughts as you step out on a walk, you can gather random intuitive pieces and frame them into new shapes. Turtle hatchlings will emerge from the nest in approximately 60 days. The hatchlings face many predatory obstacles on this journey including crabs, ants, birds, large fish, and sharks.

Decades later, adult female turtles return to the very beach on which they hatched, when it is time for them to lay their own clutch of eggs, as such, sea turtles are regarded as highly skilled navigators. Sea turtles have been around for many years before humans and are a symbol in many cultures of longevity, endurance, patience, and wisdom. Sea turtles are often worn as a totem or talisman and a symbol of good luck, longevity, wisdom, balance, nurturing, patience, resilience, slowing down and trusting your intuition and inner guide.

4 Vital Life Lessons Ocean Teaches Us — Purpose Fairy

Important lessons from the sea turtle:. Looking for a sea turtle totem to attract these things in your life? Click here to see our selection of turtle jewelry. Custom creations are also available! As lovers of the ocean, we are all automatically called to be ambassadors. But the most powerful way we can do this is by being completely ourselves. By sharing our real joy, love and passion with our communities. Authenticity cannot be faked and authenticity is potent, it makes an impression that lasts.

Let's be ambassadors like Bob. Noci very often gave me a fright. I'd enter the exhibit and have this large loggerhead right up in my face , completely out of nowhere. He was always curious, assertive and wanting to know what's cooking. This was a very important lesson - the marine world is always changing. Stay on top of it, know what's going on, be interested and be involved. Go to beach cleanups and free lectures, put yourself into situations where you can meet South Africa's marine scientists. Where people can consistently see your face.

TEDxWWF - Isabelle Autissier: Lessons from the Sea

Let's be persistent like Nocawe. We have the privilege of adopting these incredible individuals into our hard-headed, half-shelled family at the Two Oceans Aquarium. From the moment a turtle enters our rehab facility they inspire us. As we sent them off, I could not think of a better way to thank them for their inspiration, and to apologize for the harm that we as a collective species have caused their ocean home , than to learn from them.

To take on-board the life lessons they live every day.

The Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation are spreading the love of turtles by raising funds for the rehabilitation of stricken sea turtles. Read more about Project Turtle here.

Lessons from the Sea Turtle – Sea Turtle Honu Wisdom

Credit: Steve Benjamin. Plan Your Trip. Special Offers. Things To Do. Environmental Education.

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    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea
    Lessons From the Sea Lessons From the Sea

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