Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen

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Rather than a symbol of evil temptation, serpent is commonly representative of transformation, healing, and connection with the earth in multiple cultures. As a creature with no legs, slithering on its belly allows it to be as closely connected with the earth as possible. The act of shedding the skin is a rebirth, allowing for healing and transformation. Following the Asian principle of yin-yang, balance of opposites, Eve and Lilith are both important archetypes. Lilith cannot be banished but rather must be integrated into the consciousness and the collective psyche Kamerling Lilith violently exerts herself in anger, in eating disorders, in isolation and detachment, in depression, and in deviant and manipulative sexual behavior — rather, behavior that may be normally uncharacteristic of her Healthy integration provides opportunity for transformation, for wisdom, and connection with self Eve is necessary for relationship with Adam to work.

In her defiance to submit and express dependency, Lilith is incapable of having her needs met, and will flee relationship. Lilith can only find the freedom to change and grow in the solitude of the wilderness — without partner and without children Koltuv One reason why I return to my Adam is because he challenges me and he does not aim to subdue me. I have found I in fact flee from other men who seek commitment, feeling resistance to the possibility of stagnation and mundane routine.

These characteristics speak to my own personal imbalance of Lilith and Eve.

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Schwartz asserts there has been no mention of Lilith as a child-killer in the same stories as her role of she-demon seductress and that this role seems to have evolved separately 8. After fleeing from the confines of Adam, Lilith sought out the cherubs above, only to be cast out by God and vanquished below. Perhaps this action caused a rage and retaliatory behavior towards infants and children. In addition to seeking independence from a man — whether father or lover — she also seeks independence from the role of motherhood. She puts her needs first Koltuv She strangles the infants as a symbol of resisting being herself strangled by attachment.

I also see an endearing vulnerability to Lilith. She is fierce and ruthless and wildly independent, yet she continues to return to Adam.

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She even seeks friendship with Eve. She is the beast who craves intimacy and connection. I am reminded of a scene from a TV series which has taken hold of my attention in my free evenings. Appropriately, it is a show about vampires.

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In one scene, an incredibly powerful female vampire has been bewitched by evil magic. This vampire woman is a mercenary: elegant and refined in her ruthlessness.

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Her lover, one of the most powerful vampires in existence, has sought to save her from this evil spirit. She awakens suddenly from the spell, instinctively striking out with her hand on his throat in a self-defense gesture as her mind struggles to grasp what has happened. She then looks at her hero and a tear streams down her cheek, which he gently brushes away. She tells him of the evil she saw, and how it can be further defeated, portraying her ruthless and incredible strength, yet the tear betrays the softness in her heart; her femininity.

She is vulnerable and she is grateful. Despite all the atrocities she has committed as both a vampire and as a mercenary, she feels and desires. This duality of her character has made her one of my favorites.

She is surrounded by other cunning and powerful female vampires, but they have not displayed this depth of emotion and vulnerability. This reminds me of the Lilith and Eve duality. They complement each other. Rituals and meditations are seen as more potent to be conducted during the phases of the moon rather than in the sunlight.

The moments when the sun and moon merge in dusk and dawn are considered to be magical. Even the person not involved in mysticism and magic would find these moments are eerie and beautiful. In the moonlight, folkloric stories often tell of the ability to see the unseen; this is the time when portals open; the other senses are engaged. Lilith began as a mythology as far back as Sumerian times and was adopted into several other cultures. She has been a constant source of inspiration for the plight of the independent, sensual feminine in cultures predominately dictated by patriarchal leadership.

In a westernized society focusing more on psychology rather than on mythology, Lilith must emerge in discussion and evaluation of our behaviors and our perceptions regarding relationship with our self, in intimacy, with family, and with the demands of career and educational pursuits. Lilith has uncovered a journey of dark and light; balancing the strengths and needs of the feminine; evaluating our perceptions of the independent feminine; inspiring understanding of healthy sexual desires and acts that feed the erotic passion yet do not manipulate others.

She has asked me to honor these qualities within myself. Kamerling, Jane. Fred Gustafson. Berwick: Ibis, Schwartz, Howard. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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But you called me in the usual way, I suppose? Ah no! I should come to you if I were dead! Such poetry must needs be spoilt by men's mouthing of it,—it is better to read it, to think it, to feel it,—and so one actually sees it,—best. Have you any supper ready for me?

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Zaroba supped with me. But she was cross to-night—she had nothing to say. They have left their cards. Some of them page: 38 asked me my name and who I was. I said I was your servant—but they would not believe me. There were great folks among them—they came in big carriages with prancing horses. Have you seen their names? But these dukes and earls who come to visit you do not consider themselves little,—not they! Let us not talk of them. The English aristocracy was once a magnificent tree, but page: 39 its broad boughs are fallen,—lopped off and turned into saleable timber,—and there is but a decaying stump of it left.

And so Zaroba said nothing to you to-night?

Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen
Lilith’s Reflection: The Unseen

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