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Obsessive thoughts can interrupt your daily life, upsetting you and making it hard to do things you want to do. As a result, you might try to avoid everything that triggers these thoughts.

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Symptoms generally depend on the type. These obsessions involve thoughts and worries about things that could make you dirty or sick, such as:.

These obsessions might come up as images or urges. They could involve:. For example, you might worry about:.

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Some examples include:. This type of obsession goes beyond perfectionist traits. But in the context of OCD and related conditions, obsessions are anything but enjoyable. Compulsions refer to mental or physical responses or behaviors to obsessions. This can take up hours of your day. Carrying out these compulsions brings about a sense of relief from an obsession, but this feeling is usually short-lived. Sometimes compulsions are related and relevant to an obsession.


Obsession vs. Compulsion: Understanding the Two Parts of OCD

For example, you might check, unlock, and relock your front door seven times before leaving to prevent a break-in. But in other cases, they might be totally unrelated. For example, you might tap a specific area of a wall before leaving the house because you feel it helps to prevent getting in a car accident on your way to work. In general, most people with OCD experience an obsessive thought, and then feel compelled to perform an action compulsion to help relieve the anxiety or stress associated with the obsession. Here are some examples of how obsessions and compulsions might look in real life.

Just keep in mind that people experience OCD and other mental health conditions in different ways. Though not comprehensive, this table is meant to help you better understand the differences between obsessions and compulsions, as well as how they relate to each other.

Experts believe this type generally still involves compulsive rituals, just that these rituals look different from typical compulsive behaviors. Pure O commonly involves intrusive thoughts and images of:. You might worry about acting on these thoughts or spend a lot of time worrying they make you a bad person.

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Introduction to BDD. More about OCD. Having OCD. Section contents. Compulsive Viewing. OCD Awareness Week. OCD Book Club. Supporting Someone with OCD. Are you a little bit OCD? OCD Support Groups.

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Inspirational Quotes. OCD Forums. More contents. Overcoming OCD. Overcoming OCD section contents. Introduction and our role. What is Recovery? What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Medication for OCD. Other Therapies. Accessing OCD Treatment. Getting the most from therapy.

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