Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)

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Welcome to my stop on the Seeds of Discovery blog tour. Check out the rest of the tour.

Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff. Published September 16th by Musefish Independent Press. Age Group: YA Fantasy. Series: Dusk Gate Chronicles 1. Source: ecopy from Author. Seeds of Discovery is a fun and vivid fantasy with a touch of mystery woven in. Which normally is not my thing I love romance but it completely worked with Seeds of Discovery. Honestly, I think it worked out better this way. Characters and the beautiful land of Eirentheos.

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Seeds of Discovery

Related Posts. Jenea Books Live Forever Reply. Linda February 14th, I just downloaded Bk1; thanks so much! Did some1 just mention 13 kids?! Wow… LOL Reply. Beautiful Disaster February 14th, Sounds like a sweet read. Mary Preston February 14th, A very helpful review thank you. Peggy Hopkins February 14th, Books with well developed characters are always more enjoyable to read.

Series: Dusk Gate Chronicles

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Purchase a copy of the authors books for. Leave a comment. Tags: Breeana Puttroff , Kindle Fire , kristy k.

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May It is not yet available in paperback. My original plan was to have it available in all three formats by June 1st, but I made some last-minute changes to the story, and that was way too much to ask of my awesome designer. Tags: barnes and noble , books , literature , Nook. Apr This past year has been a big one for learning and trying new things. Part of learning and trying and adjusting is the process of trying new things, and changing the old ways when the new ones are better.

I am changing this blog over from a WordPress. It will look and work much the same although there are some exciting design changes pending. Nathaniel was not nearly as excited about being interviewed for the blog as Thomas was, but he has graciously agreed to answer our questions. He is a doctor in our world, with a small medical practice in Bristlecone, Colorado, and a healer in his own world who travels throughout Eirentheos and sometimes Philotheum helping establish clinics and impart some of the medical knowledge he has learned in our world, which is much more technologically advanced than his own world is.

Alyssa: How do you cope with being away from home for so long? Beth: Do you ever regret spending so much time in our world and wish you could spend more time in your own? On the other hand, I truly love my own world and wish that none of it would ever have been necessary. It is a wish of mine that things in my world would be restored to how they should be, and if that happens then I would return to my own world to live full time there with no hesitation.

Kristy: Have you ever considered staying in Bristlecone forever? While there are many things I love about that world, and have even grown accustomed to, it would never be my first choice to stay there forever.

Nathaniel: blushing! Nathaniel: How do you feel about a horseback ride to Cloud Valley? Jenni: What are the best and worst things about having medical practices on two different worlds? Nathaniel: Probably the best thing about having access to both worlds is truly having the ability to compare and contrast the different practices in the two. Care is very relational in my world. Nathaniel: It took me a while to get used to them, but over the years I have acquired a taste for tomatoes, yes. Nathaniel: Green. For all of the challenges and difficulties I have faced, in my heart I will always be loyal to my real home.

Tags: Breeana Puttroff , bristlecone , Dusk Gate Chronicles , nathaniel rose , romance , Writing , young adult literature. Ah, weekends. Time to spend time with my kiddo and catch up on the whole writing thing. And, of course, tackle the havoc that is my home after a long week. Is that too much to ask? I did get a little bit of time to relax and celebrate last night, when I attended a special wedding. The beautiful, smiling and blushing bride was the little sister of one of my best friends from way back when.

My friend Beth and I were in eighth grade when her sister, Little Miss Jessi came into the world, and I remember clearly the night she was born. The way she used to suck, not on her thumb, but on her first two fingers, until she drifted off to sleep and they fell out. The time we took her to the mall when she was a little over a year old, and all she wanted to do was crawl UP the slanty floor. Beth and I were co-leaders of her Girl Scout troop when she was a little older, and we had some fun times with those girls.

And now … last night she married the love of her life, and will soon be off to Germany with him, on his first deployment in the Air Force. The first two classes of fourth grade students I taught are adults now themselves, graduated and in college. Married, some of them.

Even some babies. And speaking of magic … thanks to my awesome cover designer, Mallory Rock at Novel Publicity, I can share the big reveal … the new cover for Thorns of Decision, which releases in just under seven weeks! June 1, Tags: Breeana Puttroff , Dusk Gate Chronicles , dusk gate chronicles book three , girl scout troop , Mallory Rock , motherhood , Novel Publicity , romance , thorns of decision , wedding , weddings , young adult literature.

The blog is definitely what suffers. Something has to give. Stop by and pick up your copy if you never have.

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And the last bit of news, I will be interviewing Nathaniel for the blog on Friday. Tags: Breeana Puttroff , Dusk Gate Chronicles , dusk gate chronicles book three , fantasy , romance , Roots of Insight , Seeds of Discovery , thorns of decision , young adult literature. Apr 1. The dining room looked beautiful tonight; the tables were draped with purple and silver tablecloths, and enormous bouquets of purple and white flowers occupied the center of each one.

Soft music drifted through the room from a small group of musicians set up in the corner. Everyone chatted amiably, nibbling on a mixture of roasted nuts and dried berries from silver bowls that sat between every two people. She noticed that nobody touched the glasses of juice, though, so she left hers alone.

Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)
Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)
Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)
Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)
Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)
Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)

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