Spellbound and Determined

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Then gently sealing the Post-it on the bottom, she carefully set the candle on the shelf, making sure the entire wish was covered.

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So what are you doing tonight? She fingered some of the worry stones that sat in a bowl on the counter. I pointed to my paperback of Julius Caesar. She held her hands up in surrender. Okay, I get it. And with her love spell in place, she picked up her purse, brushed back her frizzies, and sauntered out the door. Oh well, Brutus and the assassins were waiting. The rest of the afternoon flew. Only two customers came in, regulars, knowing on the spot what they needed and where to find it.

I only had to ring them up. Then about , a man in a gray business suit entered, eying the place like he planned to buy it.

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He carried a portfolio tucked under his arm. Because of the way he scanned the shop? Then it struck me. His eyes. Taking his sweet time, he examined the book display. Spells For All Occasions. Lots of volumes here on working magic. He then turned to the next shelf and plucked a quartz pendulum off its bracket. He held it up, looking toward me with an enlighten me expression on his face. He clicked them around in his palm, then dropped them back in their box. Mimi sends off for them.

I glanced at the clock again, trying to think of a way to sneak over and move the hands forward. But that would mean getting close to the sleaze-meister. I was pretending to pack up when he sauntered over. As he approached me, my fingers approached my cell. He laid his portfolio down on the counter, which also doubles as a display case, and peered down at the shelves inside. It singed my nose and coated my tongue. These were her own mixtures. Very popular in ancient Egypt. And look. I squirmed a little.

I usually like it sunny out. I glared at the clock. Come on, Grandpa. Get those hands moving! The shop went cold. The hairs on my arms bristled. Mine on the other hand were twitching like a half-dead spider. I grabbed my phone. He picks me up every day. The words all surfed on one long drawn breath. I was one rapid heartbeat away from grabbing my car key and jabbing him in the eye when the front door burst open in a recognizable fashion. I hurried over, slammed and locked it. I just saw Troy and he barely looked at me.

How can I see anything, Cam? She hugged her arms in despair. By passion.

My feelings for Troy are embedded into my every fiber. See , you ask?

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What is there to see other than the fact that fate has dealt me the merciless challenge of winning the devotion of my soul mate? I drove by his house, pretending I was just cruising down the street.

He was shooting hoops in his driveway. I pulled over and got out of my car, then walked in front of it like I was checking the tires. She did an eye roll. I expected him to play knight in shining armor and come check on my car. But did he? That geek, Zach, came over and started asking if everything was okay. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Spellbound And Determined by Dax Varley.

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There she is. How was school? She chuffed. Black Hole of Calcutta with chalkboards. Yeah…this week. She rolled up the catalogue and swatted me.

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Her eyes blossomed. And dull my psychic abilities? No way.

Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined
Spellbound and Determined

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