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The first round was held in June.

Former Afghan soldier shares harrowing tales from outside the wire

Still, the latest spate of violence has limited options for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who is also fending off a mini-revolt within his own government, feuding with the vice president as well as a powerful northern governor. Meanwhile, the former No. From within his fortress style house in Kabul, protected by steel gates and gunmen, Motasim said he wants to be a bridge between the government and Taliban.

Motasim was a senior member of the Taliban leadership shura, or council, until when he was shot 12 times after advocating peace negotiations with the Afghan government. Motasim now travels in a bullet-proof car and even his friends have to be announced by men with weapons before they are allowed to enter. He spends his time between Kabul, where he talks to the government, and in Turkey, from where he can contact his former Taliban colleagues.

Pakistan is accused of giving sanctuary to the Taliban to assert influence in Afghanistan and to counter what it sees as growing influence of India in Afghanistan. Pakistan flatly denies the allegation, but Taliban who have advocated peace talks that threaten to sideline Pakistan have often ended up arrested, dead or forced to live elsewhere.

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This amazing book gives insight into the conditions and situations Canadian and Coalition soldiers must face in a country torn apart by never ending war. It tells of the heroism and cowardice of his fellow Canadians, the NATO forces, and the Afghans who have been caught up in this perpetual struggle.

Rob Semrau was a Canadian soldier living the soldiers life. It was what he wanted to do. The book gives us homebound lot an insight into what our military are doing in Afghanistan. After reading this book everybody will have to make their own assessment as to whether or not we should be there.

It gives us first hand a look at a world that is hard to for us to imagine. He gives us valuable knowledge as to why many armed service personnel come back needing psychological help and don't find it in a timely fashion. We hear of his court marshall and he touches on this and it will leave you will a bad taste in your mouth. Whatever you do post military Rob, good luck to you. Your service to this country continues with your authorship of this book. Suggest for Purchase. Skip to main navigation Skip to main navigation Skip to search Skip to search Skip to content.

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After a spring in which a record number of attacks against Canadian soldiers had been set, which included six deaths to the CF, the Taliban in Kandahar and Helmand Provinces were massing. Operation Mountain Thrust was launched in the beginning of the summer in Complex mud-walled compounds made the rural Panjwaii District take on an almost urban style of fighting in some places. Daily firefights, artillery bombardments, and allied airstrikes turned the tides of the battle in favour of the Canadians.

After Operation Mountain Thrust came to an end, Taliban fighters flooded back into the Panjwaii District in numbers that had not been seen yet in a single area in the "post Anaconda" war. Canadians launched Operation Medusa in September in an attempt to clear the areas of Taliban fighters from Panjwaii once and for all.

The fighting of Operation Medusa led the way to the second, and most fierce Battle of Panjwaii in which daily gun-battles, ambushes, and mortar and rocket attacks were targeting the Canadian troops. The Taliban had massed with an estimated 1, to 2, fighters. The Taliban were reluctant to give up the area, and after being surrounded by the Canadian Forces, they dug in and fought a more conventional style battle. After weeks of fighting, the Taliban had been cleared from the Panjwaii area and Canadian reconstruction efforts in the area began.

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On 15 September , the Canadian government committed a squadron of Leopard C2 tanks from Lord Strathcona's Horse , and an additional to troops to Afghanistan. During the first week of the operation, massive Canadian artillery and tank barrages were carried out in a successful attempt to clear pockets of Taliban resistance.

The operation concluded with plans to build a new road linking Panjwaii with Kandahar's Highway 1 that runs east-west through Zhari. This rotation reflected a change in Canadian tactics, with emphasis on systematically clearing-holding-building in the districts of Panjwaii and Zhari , while also protecting Arghandab District and the Afghan—Pakistan border in the area of Spin Boldak.

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The focus was on intimately working with the Afghan army, police and civil administration to hold cleared areas rather than subsequently lose them to returning Taliban, as had previously occurred throughout the South and East. On 13 March , the Harper Conservative government's motion to extend the military mission past February into was approved in a parliamentary vote with the support of the Liberal opposition.

The extension of almost another three years had a focus on reconstruction and training of Afghan troops, and set a firm pullout date, calling for Canadian troops to leave Afghanistan by December The population prefers a road to peace. As part of the new American administration 's policy on Afghanistan it was announced that 17, new U. Harry Tunnell IV, commander of the U.

Taliban - Typointoh ft Young Wave & Montana Montana

Canadian troops were then stationed primarily around Kandahar City and the surrounding districts. On 1 December U. As of this point most of Canada's forces were in the Panjwaii district as well as Dand and Daman. Canada withdrew the bulk of its troops from Afghanistan in , with the Infantry Battle Group withdrawn by the end of July handover of battle space completed 6 July around AST , and all Canadian Forces personnel and equipment withdrawn from Kandahar by the end of December In September , Conservative leader Stephen Harper pledged this, saying a decade at war is enough, after having extended the withdrawal deadline twice already.

He acknowledged that neither the Canadian public nor the troops themselves had any appetite to stay longer in the war and said that only a small group of advisers might remain. By late Canada began withdrawing its final soldiers from the training mission. In October the force was down to personnel from over and the withdrawal from Afghanistan was scheduled to be completed by March A Provincial Reconstruction Team PRT is a unit introduced by the United States government to support reconstruction efforts in unstable states, performing duties ranging from humanitarian work to the training of police and the military.

State Department official, one U. By , Canada's effort was in full effect in order to rebuild Kandahar. The NSP was "designed to re-generate local village councils and their ability to work for a common purpose, something sorely lacking after 25 years of focus on basic self-preservation.

As the NSP grew, "power shifted away from drug lords and Taliban chieftains and back to Afghans" through the rebuilding of community and creating trust in the "power of good government.

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Canada and its allies used several methods to develop and build the economy in Kandahar. One of its main challenges was convincing its people that their future lies in good government and much had to be done. One of the tasks at hand was the organization and professionalism that needed to be added to the Afghan police. The problem that Canadians faced is that one day they may be dealing with Afghan police who assist with tracking down the Taliban, and the next a corrupt police force taking bribes from the Taliban and drug lords.

In order to correct this Canadians used the RCMP to "train new police forces in war-shattered societies. Another crucial element toward the rebirth in Kandahar is its agriculture, and the need to show farmers how to prosper.

The Taliban Don't Wave

After facing ten years of drought "CIDA focused development on getting wadis , karezes , canals, and more modern pipelines into the older fields so that farmers could radically increase crop production. The difficulty with farmers in this region is the fact that their interests coincide with the Taliban and local drug lords. Both these groups, "depend on a climate of fear and dependency in the countryside to support their lifestyles and their wars. This was evident as "Kandaharis took on much of the rebuilding process themselves. Despite the continued fighting and Taliban resurgence Kandahar was maintaining stability and beginning to prosper.

The Manley Report recommended that the KPRT be given more funding and attention and be placed under civilian leadership instead. Following the recommendations of the Manley report, the Canadian government sought to highlight several so-called "signature" projects in Kandahar Province. As a result of these signature projects, "Within five years, more than six thousand schools have been rebuilt and six of thirteen million children are now in school.

Roads and bridges have been repaired, new roads have been built, and new wells have been dug.

The Taliban Dont Wave The Taliban Dont Wave
The Taliban Dont Wave The Taliban Dont Wave
The Taliban Dont Wave The Taliban Dont Wave
The Taliban Dont Wave The Taliban Dont Wave
The Taliban Dont Wave The Taliban Dont Wave

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