The Tomb of Destiny

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These games always promise some pillow biting adventure and this looks to be her darkest hour yet, exploring deadly dungeons and preventing the Mayan apocalypse.

The Spear of Destiny (Phoenix Quest, book 2) by K T Tomb

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - The Forge (Walkthrough)

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Grave Destiny

You only get one go at each run -- death sends you crashing back to the beginning -- but each run teaches you something, leaves you with a permanent upgrade, access to a new path or something equally valuable. Weapon variety, an ever-changing world to explore and flawlessly implemented mechanics that mean each death makes you want to try again rather than toss the controller away in frustration make Dead Cells a must-have for any action fan.

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The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny
The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny
The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny
The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny
The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny
The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny
The Tomb of Destiny The Tomb of Destiny

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