UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7

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2. His directorial debut, “Hell’s Angels,” was one of the most expensive movies of its time.

Witnessing three light objects above Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Daylight sighting of multiple objects over Edmonton, AB-recorded on two devices by family at park. Me my sister and her two friends were having a campfire I am age 20 they are are , I was supervising them when I seen the first li. Group of 7 glowing amber lights flying in the sky. Looked up at the night sky and saw two pinpoints of bright white light chasing each other very quickly through my line of vision.

Some additional info for my report of May 19, observation by Ponoka, AB. Saw a bright yellow light in the lower WNW sky last night for over 2 hours. Big orange ball of light with glowing orb around the ball. Two lights move towards each other, followed by a complete formation appearing, Edmonton, AB. I pointed at this one spot that looked like 2 stars chasing each other.

Movement in the Big Dipper.

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Three red lights moving southwest over town. Formation of 3 orbs; lasted 6 minutes; over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Very often, we hear u. I was driving to a remote oilfield site by myself which is very typical to do maintenance work. I am a very practical person. Bright white, red and green light over whitecourt, ab. Heading north on 56 highway towards camrose we could see a white disk shape object to the east. It didn't move for 30 min. Sudden white light appearing at night at top of the sky and plummeting towards earth dissapearing while plummeting.

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  • Looked like a plane falling from the sky with a trail of smoke and erradic lights. Bright flash then travel at insane speeds, me and wife saw it, cannot explain it. Orange white object traveling at extreme speed west of Calgary, Canada. Very peaceful popping explosion followed by circle of colour.

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    Strange very quick aircraft that hovered and moved in sophisticated ways. I was lying on my hammock and I saw three large lights travel across the clear night sky then disappear. High-altitude light unlikely to have been satellite or aircraft.

    Aliens at UFO Festival in Oregon & Slide Issues...

    Bright orange light changes direction abruptly. Meteor-like, East of Calgary, Ab. Green orb seen over the Canada Day fireworks display inn Leduc, Alberta, with multiple witnesses. Object appears to be about 30ft. Rectangular reflective falling object in sky that spun and tumbled as it fell. Luminous circular orb disappears into nothing. Red and green object, light moving in zig zag. Stood on balcony watching a bright white light go from south to north then disappear behind small cloud, not coming out the other side.

    White semi-transparent oval-ish object moving at high speed directly opposite direction of airliner. Pinkish verticle beam of light. Lopsided Triangular Set of Lights travelling in unisom from east to west across the night sky. Yellowish streak in the sky. A large bright, ball shaped object in the sky, that sits stationary sometimes. Around 15 bright lights moving at a fast speed through out the sky. Bright green, flat-shaped, circular object, seen by 2 people.

    Pennsylvanians spotted UFOs 77 times in 2018. Did aliens visit your town?

    It was a sunny sky with some haze. A huge, white rectangular shape moved out of the haze, after 5 minutes it suddenly disappeared. Orange and blue tinged objects observed over south west Calgary. Metallic cloud cloaked object made up of three orb shaped components hovering in sky in broad daylight by international airport. Strange light beams over southern alberta. Light in the sky passing over head, then fading away.

    Bright light, watched for an hour, watched it speed up and go east and stop over field by Ponoka, AB and then disappear. Leduc while driving on highway 2. Green orbs in CHEM trails. Optical effects of the lens, we suspect. Fastest dot I have ever seen in the sky! Was outside and noticed a first ball shaped going up from the ground and then disappeared as two others followed suit.

    Footsteps heard on the roof and triangular object with lights in the night sky. Large red orb shape shifting to smaller orange orb then a Cresent then to a black rectangular object.

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    Two bright objects starting as what looked like one stationary dim round light. It started to move across the sky and then a second one. Very high silver sphere moving very slowly beside the sun during the day around 20 people watching with me. We thought it's a Star but it is a moving Star. Long narrow cigar type object without wings or lights in sky at nights. I was on a WestJet flight from Toronto to Edmonton, i always get a window seat because im always amazed by the view while flying so. Strange blue, fireball like like streaking in the sky, within atmosphere.

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    Smaller then smart car but bigger then basketball. Thousands hear aircraft dissapear over bonnyville alberta at the speed of light! Satelitte-type ufo disappearing and reappearing. Globes hovering in sky, one predominant on 3 less bright, covered all over with lights.

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    Saw 3 bright lights and 2 smaller lights in the sky with strange zig zag moving patterns,. Planets in E sky. Bright white ball of light observed moving in southern Alberta skies. Flash of light seen in the south Calgary sky. Streaking white lights appearing and falling downward, then travelling across at low altitude.

    Orange pulsating beam in sky. Large, bright, green, fast moving object falling from the sky and suddenly vanishing before crashing. Large red craft in the sky over Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. I, like anyone else traveling to the mountains for the first time,. Satellite-like object disapears and then possiblly flashes three times brightly.

    Round shape with bright orange tail. Bright white light, seen moving across treeline, while camping in rocky mountains. Red and white huvering lights over Fort Mcmurray, Alberta. Four spherical orbs seen high in the sky, including 4 tiny white craft fly from one of the orbs.

    UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7 UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7
    UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7 UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7
    UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7 UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7
    UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7 UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7
    UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7 UFOS Among The Spruce. part 7

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