Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights

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The ryokan has public hot spring baths for men and women and a private, open-air bath for those not inclined to bare all before strangers. The Kayotei was built in the s by the Kamiguchi family, which continues to own and operate the ryokan. The inn is a good starting point for a lovely walking trail following the perimeter of Kakusen Gorge. There are several delights en route, the first being a simple hut and monument built in Basho's honour by haiku poets in There is a small image of the poet inside.

Then there is the extraordinary Cat's Cradle bridge, a metal structure that winds its way serpent-like across the gorge. It was designed by the multi-talented Hiroshi Teshigawa, the grand master of the Sogetsu school of flower arrangement and a filmmaker. It's a peaceful hike, broken only by birdsong and the rushing river. A fisherman in traditional dress tries his luck on the other bank of the river. At the end of the 1. The town's main street has galleries, souvenir stores and lacquerware and pottery shops, plus the "Chrysanthemum Public Baths for Gentlemen" and another for "Ladies.

Guests of the Kayotei get an added perk, the chance to tour the studios of lacquerware artist Satake Yasuhiro and buy his exquisite work. But Yasuhiro, whose younger son spent some time studying wood turning on Salt Spring Island, isn't interested in producing museum pieces. You wouldn't put your hands in a dishwasher or a microwave or in the fridge. And it needs some moisture, once or twice a week. Don't have fear of hurting it. Just keep using it — scratches and damage can be repaired.

There's also a small museum dedicated to Basho just off the main street. The first things you see when you walk in are two pairs of sandals and two hats; upstairs are examples of his works and photos of more modern haiku poets.

U2 - Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

Outside the museum, there's a lovely little garden, with statues depicting Sora bowing respectfully to the haiku master. He's actually saying goodbye. Sora decided to end his trek in Yamanaka while Basho plodded on alone. Robert Crew is an Oakville-based freelance writer. His trip was subsidized by the Japan National Tourist Organization. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Unsubscribe from David Sunshine? Sign in Transcript Add translations 26, views Like this video?

Ultra-Violet Haiku De-lights

Sign in 5 Don't like this video? Sign in 6 Loading Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Don't forget your batteries and charger, these are the ones I recommend highly! It can be also used to charge up glow in the dark toys, stars, or other fun things. You can also mark property with invisible UV ink, for security, merchandise identification, or just for fun.

It can also be used for checking of cleanliness, curing of UV gel nails or UV curable adhesives, and a number of other things which were not tested in this video checking minerals, etc.

New work: an APT X festival memoir | Caroline Gardam Communications

It's fun to check things out with this light, as you see the world in a different light, so to speak. Hope you enjoyed this video! Samcrac 1,, views Gravity Visualized - Duration: Learn the Amazing Secret! Honorbuy Mobile Shop 3,, views Turn a ceiling fan into a wind turbine generator?! Giesbert Nijhuis 1,, views How to refill a one pound propane bottle - Duration: The New Inventions 7,, views Convoy s2 from gearbest - is this the best cheap led flashlight?

ChrisFix 3,, views Blower impeller design experiments - Duration: The Prepared Sheepdog , views Loading more suggestions I've done a few customs but pretty much just built some for for myself and a few others. I have made up a few 3 speed light engines with these LED's designed to run off a single lithium primary or rechargeable. Should I get caught short, there could be lead time involved in getting more LED's.

In the Haiku, the centering ring on the reflector does have to be removed. I discovered that the canvas prints I have had done of some of my images fluoresce under this LED and I used a 16'x20' print of a frog fish as a back ground for a couple beam shots:The beam is about the same coverage comparing the Haiku spill angle with the XR-U spot flood angle. The Haiku has an intense and well collimated spot that throws quite well by virtue of the tiny image size of the UV LED. What is not apparent in the beam shots but is noticeable to the naked eye is that the XR-U has a slightly more intense outer ring compared to its center.

At least this is the case for the visible light that is emitted.

World of Speakers E.50: The philosophy of speaking and living authentically

The nm LED does have some visible light but it is not intense and certainly does not overwhelm any target items which fluoresce. It is not a toy and it needs to be used with regard for safety for yourself as well as others. I don't know what demand there might be for these but I won't know without making them available. So there are three posible turn-key lights to be offered as well as the LE alone. You can also host one of thess LE's in an Aleph A19 head but you will need to shorten the length of the reflector.

Ultra-Violet Haiku De-Lights - Michael Levy - Google Книги

You can accomplish this by filing down the front end of the reflector until it and the LE fit properly in the head. Please post any questions here in this thread so that others can benefit as well. I don't want to add to the number of communications by sending an acknowledgment prior to generating the postage notification. These lights are available on first come first serve basis; as determined by e-mail orders I receive which are clear, concise and include the must have information:In the subject line of the E-mail please state: Haiku UV, XR-U-UV, Ti Mule UV, UV LE or one of the head only offerings Your CPF name if you have one Your real name and mailing addressphone number if international shipmentAny exceptions to standard shipping, which is priority mail.

If the shipment is domestic and you want insurance, please so state. I will keep this initial post updated with any changes in the offerings or lead time issues should I run short of the LED's. I do not have the lights completed so there will be some assembly time required but this shouldn't cause any delay unless the demand for these exceeds my expectations.

Wall Lights & Sconces

These lights can serve a real purpose for some of you but by in large, there are very specialized in nature and the cost of the LED itself is a real deterrent. Last edited by McGizmo; at PM. Can these be used to cure Norland optical adhesive quickly? Flashlight Modifications available upon request'I have to go return some video tapes. Yes, cures Norland very quickly. Last edited by darkzero; at PM.

Thank you for your understanding. I'm familiar with some UV uses. These are the ones I know of:- curing Norland adhesive- checking currency authenticity,- checking IDs- scorpion huntingAre there other uses I am missing? Cheers from the McGizmo state. My interest in these are for photography- not just fluorescence but for reflected UV photography.

The pdf has a spectral trace and that is true. I have checked it with a spectrometer. And despite the heat they generate, there is almost no IR from these either. This means, without proper eye protection, they are guaranteed to damage your eyes. Use extreme caution! These are unlike any currency checker flashlights out there! I'd be happy to pay a bit extra for the effort. Besides the safety aspect, it could be useful to folks with both a regular and UV version of the light.

Last edited by Codeman; at AM. RayGood people need to be there for each other. It's the only way to stay sane in a sometimes insane world. I've been waiting for this one for a long time!! Codeman: I'm going to get my Sundrop anodized to blue! That's a question: is this also compatible with the original 1S Sundrop, Don??

I meant to comment that I have found that with either the XR-U UV or the Haiku UV, you can effectively check for the strips in bills or markers on drivers licenses and credit cards with the low level output. You certainly don't need full power with these lights in all cases and I think the 3S converter is a real boon compared to a single level UV light like those I built in the past. Originally Posted by Codeman Any chance that you could put a small, discrete UV or warning triangle similiar to what the shoppe did on the A19UV somewhere on the lights, Don?

Ray,I will be putting a label on the complete UV lights I ship out but whether this is something you will elect to keep on them is up to you. I have a XR-U as well as Haiku UV now and I anodized both in blue so I wouldn't make any mistake and if I see a guest happen to pick up a blue light I will hopefully stop them before checking it out!! Originally Posted by AlecGold email send for 1.

I have not received an e-mail from you?!?! I can see already from this AM's e-mails that I will have to be on my toes so I don's mess up some of these requests because of the various options! With that said, I do want to eventually work into offering some of these components separately but not until I am convinced I can follow through effectively and efficiently without screwing up the order or any math involved!

If you wish to purchase just the head without the Ti McClickie pak, we can go that route.

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Build Prices I had it reserved specially for that purpose! Just to add to the order-logistic-nightmare?! My regular Haiku is sporting an etched clip, so I already have a way to tell them apart. Nevertheless, the sticker is welcome! I've had my fingers cross ever since the wave notification that a 3S would be offered.

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    Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights
    Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights
    Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights
    Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights
    Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights
    Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights Ultra Violet Haiku De-Lights

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